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Bridgette Hasting

Hi, my name is Bridgette and I am the owner of Barossa Horse Riding.

I have grown up on our amazing farm and I understand the hard work and emotion that goes into creating something that you can be proud of. Growing up we had to go grape picking by hand then eventually moving up the ranks to a bin trailer driver – out harvesting with the boys at all hours of the night gives you an insight into the real fun of grape picking… especially when you manage to run over 100-year-old shiraz vines when you have been working 6 nights straight!!! That’s something that you can only how it feels from experience!!

Growing up on the farm also gave me the opportunity to have “every little girls’ dream” of owning a pony – now owning at least 10 horses (I must stop counting!) – my love for these wonderful creatures never stopped.

Half way through year 12 I had still no idea what I wanted to do or be when I left school – but one day it hit me – Why not become a commercial helicopter pilot? Well to give a little background, my grandfather had a love from aero planes and had one as his private plane, my father also flew this plane privately, and then one day I father swapped a carton of wine for a joy flight in a helicopter and was hooked! That was in the late 1970’s, in the 1980’s my father became a commercial helicopter pilot and together with my mother started Barossa Helicopters. So, you could say I have not only grown up amongst the vines but in aviation also!

I became a commercial helicopter pilot in 1999, since then it has taken me beyond the Barossa Valley to Victoria and the Northern Territory. However, there is a down side to having that much fun – being home sick, not necessarily missing people OR things but a combination of both that made me come home – bringing with me lots of tall stories of flying down rivers in the NT at almost “skids” in the water height!! I have a passion for sharing my backyard with many clients of all walks of life, together we create an experience that is second to none in the region I call home.

After meeting my husband and having our daughter (who is now 4), and committing to be a step parent, I have been keen to be at home more than away. Since being home all the time, my drive to ride and train my horses for the sport of barrel racing has only gotten stronger. It is this passion that made me stop and think one morning while out doing fitness training with my horse “Goldie” that I literally stopped on the top of the hill, paused and said – we need to share this!

I finished my ride and tending to the horses before work – yep! Always up in the dark riding before work! I went inside to grab some breakfast and the passing comment to my parents, was something like “one day I think we should open up horse trail rides on the farm” … About a month later, my father, said why not do it! Being the non-horsey person, he is, said start advertising, you have plenty of horses!! To which my reply was, ummmm they are not beginner horses, dad! So the look for good horse began!

My love for the Barossa Valley and our farm continues to grow each time I leave – whether it be a night away or overseas – I don’t believe there is another place in the world I could ever call home!

Welcome to my backyard!

Hayley Rogers

Hi, I’m Hayley and i am a trail guide and riding instructor.

I have grown up around horses on my parents horse stud “Springfield Park Pinto Stud”, on the edge of the Barossa Valley near Springton.
Both my parents instilled a very competitive streak in me which meant I was always striving to learn and compete in anything I could to improve my horsemanship skills.

I have competed and learned from a number of  disciplines like showing, games and pony club which I did with my mum for many years. I now compete in a more independent fast sport of Rodeo.

I have been a competitor in Rodeo since 2009 where I started my new found passion of barrel racing as a 9 year old competing in the events of Barrel Racing and later on Breakaway Roping. The sport of Rodeo takes me all over Australia.

Since then my love and passion for the sport of rodeo has grown to be a part of my everyday life. Travelling nearly every weekend (sometimes up to 10 hours one way) to compete.

I have previously worked with a Professional Horse Trainer, learning and working along side him breaking and training young horses. I learned so much in my time there, which was cut short due to an injury.

I am always learning and developing my breaking and training skills as we have so many of our own stud bred horses.  I train all my horses from scratch, some which my family have bred here at home, all turning out just as competitive as I am.

I have won many titles as a junior Competitor on my two horses Drifter and Chicky and am now working on achieving my ultimate goal of an Australian titles. Travelling and competing as much as I can!

I’m very thankful for the support of my family and friends and could not be the horsewoman I am today without them.

I look forward to sharing my passion for horses with you on your ride with us!